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Working part-time or full-time, Takshashila fellows, scholars and interns conduct research into emerging issues.

  • Acorn | NRI voting should not be made too easy

    How to raise political engagement without raising moral hazards The connectedness of the Information Age made the issue of political rights of expatriate citizens more salient. The question of “should Non-Resident Indians get the right to vote?” was the topic of endless university canteen discussions, Usenet flame wars and online discussion forums before the Representation […]

  • RQ | How “non-vegetarian” is India?

    Last week, after Master Chef India announced that the next season is going to be all-vegetarian, there was considerable outrage on social media. Most of the outrage contended that this was a result of the Hindu right dominating the narrative, and quoted studies that said that over 80% of India eats meat. It didn’t help […]

  • RQ | From STD Booths to Information Kiosks

    An IT Action plan submitted to the first NDA government in 1998 had envisaged a plan to “turn STD/ISD booths to information kiosks”. Considering that this was at a time when most of India did not have even a basic dial-up connection to the internet, it can be thought to be pretty far-sighted. The PIB […]

  • RQ | Currency confusion

    Arvind Panagariya has an excellent piece in the Business Standard on how “tax terrorism” has created a poor investment atmosphere, and if not reversed quickly, might be the undoing of the “Make In India” campaign. While the piece itself is brilliant, my problem with it is that it mixes currencies and numbering systems without providing […]

  • Takshashila's Nitin Pai cited in Beyond South Asia by Neil Padukone

    Takshashila's Nitin Pai cited in Beyond South Asia: India's Strategic Evolution and the Reintegration of the Subcontinent by Neil Padukone. This book discusses the...

Welcome to Takshashila

Welcome to Takshashila

We are an independent, non-partisan and networked institution of public policy. We are engaged in policy research and advocacy and are pioneers in policy education in India.

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Prof Mukul Asher - Councillor

Takshashila contributes to substantially improving the quality and breadth of public policy debates in India.

Greater proficiency in economic reasoning is critical for rising India to improve governance and enlarge its geo-strategic imprint. Accessible public policy education and high quality research are primary instruments for the emergence of competent community of public policy professionals in India.

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