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Working part-time or full-time, Takshashila fellows, scholars and interns conduct research into emerging issues.

  • Pakistani national movement: sufficiently imagined

    A brief note on Creating a New Medina by Venkat Dhulipal. The view that “Like other countries that brought together disparate ethnicities as the colonial era came to a close, Pakistan became a state before it was a nation” is a popularly held interpretation in the intellectual history of Pakistan’s creation. What lies beneath this […]

  • Bolstering military abilities in Indian Ocean Region

    By Sambit Dash What happens in the high seas in its backyard, concerning India’s national aspirations, is India’s business.   With 70 percent of the world’s petroleum shipment, 50 percent of world’s container traffic, dependence of world’s two most populous nations for their huge satiety for growth and with an Asian world order establishing, Indian Ocean Region […]

  • On 2ab, Communal Harmony and Economic Growth

    I’ve used the concept of “2ab” once before, a day after the Prime Minister used the term in a much lampooned remark, to explain why we need Net Neutrality. I turn to the same concept again to explain why communal harmony is necessary for economic growth. Some 4-5 days back, a mob entered the house … Continue reading On 2ab, Communal Harmony and Economic Growth

  • An unauthorised biography of an unauthorised biography

    I just finished reading a book which was like a Telugu movie – the beginning promised much, as did the reviews. About a third into the book, I was sending excerpts from its chapters to friends. Two thirds in, I was rather engrossed. And then it all fell apart, going into polemic territory in the … Continue reading An unauthorised biography of an unauthorised biography

  • Reflections on India’s Nepal policy

    What should India do in response to the protests on the Indo—Nepal border? by Pranay Kotasthane (@pranaykotas) Creating a new Republic is, at any rate, a gargantuan task. Seldom do states come out unscathed from the process. The task is compounded further in a networked society where failure to reconcile conflicting political demands can quickly […]

Welcome to Takshashila

Welcome to Takshashila

We are an independent, non-partisan and networked institution of public policy. We are engaged in policy research and advocacy and are pioneers in policy education in India.

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Nandan Nilekani

As cities become engines of creativity and innovation, a logical extension of that is think tanks that reflect the energy, culture and profile of the city. Takshashila is one such which is young, vibrant and full of new ideas, new narratives and new insights reflecting the ethos of Bengaluru."

Times of India, August 30, 2015.