Will India experience the fallout of Trump vs Twitter?

This is an extract from the full article which appeared in Deccan Herald.


But before resorting to isomorphic mimicry, it is important to understand what the executive order proposes. A reading suggests that it seeks to narrow the definition of ‘good faith’ under which a platform can carry out ‘Good Samaritan’ blocking. Kate Klonick, was quoted in Recode as saying that the order was not enforceable and even referred to it is as ‘political theatre’. And Daphne Keller, published an annotated version of the order in which she classified various sections as ‘atmospherics’, ‘legally dubious’ and points on which ‘reasonable minds can differ’.

The current trajectory in India appears to be headed in the opposite direction. A recent PIL in the Supreme Court, filed by a BJP member sought to make it mandatory to link social media accounts with identification. While the petition itself was disposed off, the petitioner was directed to be impleaded in the ongoing Whatsapp Traceability case. The draft Personal Data Protections proposes ‘voluntary’ verification for social media intermediaries.