Why study public policy

The world is changing rapidly, new challenges arise every day at the global and the local levels. Technology is altering the very fabric of society at an unprecedented rate. We are at the dawn of a new industrial age where advances in automation, 3D printing, robotics, and artificial intelligence have deep implications for jobs. Politically, too, the landscape is shifting. In India, we have a set of challenges and opportunities that are unique to us. We have a young population with 14 million new entrants into the job market every year. The government’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan mission is showing positive results in improving sanitation in India.

However, our healthcare system leaves a lot to be desired; India is one among the 15 countries with high death rates due to Malaria, according to 2017 World Health Organisation (WHO) report. We need to ask ourselves, how can we, as citizens of this nation, ensure a better life for ourselves and for everyone else? What measures should be taken to improve the female participation in the labour force? What should be the guidelines for ethical use of public data? Is foreign direct investment in retail a good thing for India in the current economic situation? We need problemsolvers who can understand these difficult challenges and frame solutions at both macro and micro levels.

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