What’s wrong with politics?

But democratic politics works in miraculous ways. Here is how it has saved the Parliament from being completely defunct. Since the 8th Lok Sabha, which passed the anti-defection law, no Lok Sabha — we are in the 15th Lok Sabha now — has seen a single political party get the majority on its own. Imagine if with the anti-defection law in place, a single party were to get the majority, it would then render the parliament a virtual rubber stamp of that party’s high command. Coalition politics means that the Parliament can not be taken for granted. Parties have to convince, cajole, and negotiate with other parties. They make compromises. This might not be perfect but this is the essence of politics. Yes, there are times when ruling party employs sordid means to win over MPs. You may agree with David Brooks that “the challenge of politics lies precisely in the marriage of high vision and low cunning”, but politics must punish the guilty.