Watch on Japan | #3 Suga seeks to revive the economy while being troubled with a Science Council scandal

HIGHLIGHTS: 1st Oct – 14th Oct

● The Suga government is prioritizing administrative reforms and the revival of the pandemic hit economy.

● Amidst a dispute over the appointment of science council members, Suga slipped down from his previous sky-high approval ratings.

● Japan runs in the race to become the next International financial hub.

● QUAD talks held in Tokyo between foreign ministers from Japan, India, Australia & the US.


● Digitization Efforts: The policy priority of Suga’s government is to digitize administrative procedures. To go paperless, all ministries have been asked to stop using seals on documents. According to Taro Kono the new Administrative Reform Minister, this will help to phase out the need for the Hanko and fax machines, which are also considered as reasons for Japan’s bureaucratic red tape. This action will create a sharp shift from the system of how the Japanese business and Government has operated until now.

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Divya Suresh is an alumna of Takshahila Institution’s Graduate Certificate in Public Policy Programme.

The views expressed above are the author’s own and do not represent Takshashila Institution’s recommendations.