Vyuha | Links for 24-04-2012

These are my links for 24-04-2012:

  • DoD sorting out cyber warfare policy – Fort Leavenworth, KS – The Fort Leavenworth Lamp – Senior Pentagon officials are working to determine how the centuries-old Law of Armed Conflict applies to potential conduct of operations in the newest military domain of the Internet, the deputy assistant secretary for cyber policy said April 11.
    “Because it’s a new domain and people in the department and senior military officers tend to use a military-type language when talking about (the cyber domain), it often looks like we’re more aggressive in cyberspace than we, in fact, are,” Rosenbach said.
    “ … We don’t want to establish unhelpful norms (and) we don’t want to use force in cyberspace unless we absolutely have to,” he added. “So we’re working to protect the nation but in a way that’s not overly aggressive and (doesn’t do) anything that Americans wouldn’t be proud of.”
  • Suspected cyber attack hits Iran oil industry | Reuters – Iran is investigating a suspected cyber attack on its main oil export terminal and on the Oil Ministry itself, Iranian industry sources said on Monday.

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