Vasant Shetty talks to K Jairaj about his book ‘Raaj Marga’

Raaj Marga is a collection of essays by K Jairaj that span 10 years of his career as a bureaucrat. In the book, Jairaj details the challenges he faced as a bureaucrat and also throws light on some important policy decisions he’s been involved in.

In conversation with K Jairaj was Vasant Shetty, a Takshashila alumnus and owner of Munnota Books. K Jairaj and Vasant Shetty talked about specific aspects and incidents mentioned in the book, while also ruminating on the nature of bureaucracy in India and its various challenges.

Nitin Pai introduced both Vasant Shetty and K Jairaj to the audience, and also outlined why it is a challenging time for civil servants due to structural reasons like flaws with legislative processes, easy access to information and misinformation for the public (which makes people believe they know more about processes than government officials) and poor calibre of politicians who enter politics for the wrong reasons.

Vasant Shetty then took the audience through the collection of essays in the book, and talked about Jairaj’s career spanning nearly three decades. The conversation between Shetty and K Jairaj covered incidents from the book, and highlighted challenges Jairaj faced as a bureaucrat.