US Academics Worried About Modi Visit Need To Do Their Homework

The following article appeared in The Huffington Post India on September 2, 2015. An excerpt is below, and the full text can be accessed here.

The tragedy is that many of the letters’ authors are in positions to play much more constructive roles in advancing educational objectives, information dissemination and open debate in India. Their views should not be dismissed simply because they are professors in the social sciences or the humanities. Indeed, questions of history, law, ethics, sociology and political theory are more relevant than ever to the formulation of sound digital policies. The academic community should be providing the Indian government more advice, not less. But if only the statement’s signatories had opted for less posturing and better-informed and more constructive criticism, they may have advanced their objectives of promoting academic and online freedoms without resorting to petty, personal and puerile attacks. [Full text.]