Takshashila to conduct training for members of Afghanistan Green Trend

The Takshashila Institution will be conducting a public policy training programme for twenty participants nominated by Afghanistan Green Trend. Takshashila Institution is an independent, non-partisan think tank and a school of public policy. Afghanistan Green Trend is a political party in Afghanistan created by former Afghan Intelligence Chief, Amrullah Saleh.

“I’m excited that The Takshashila Institution has offered participation to 20 AGT (Afghanistan Green Trend) members for their flagship public policy course. Using the power of the internet, such efforts will bring the two societies closer,” said Amrullah Saleh. “While this course will expose participants from Afghanistan to the basics of governance, economic reasoning and public policy; the Indian participants of the course will find great value in interacting with the bright and energetic youth of Afghanistan.” Endorsing the effort, Mr Saleh hoped that the course will pave way for further collaborations.

“One of the biggest advantages of online delivery of courses is that it brings together the smartest people from across the globe to discuss their ideas. Hence, it gives us immense pleasure that we will be having 20 members from AGT as participants of the 14th batch of Graduate Certificate in Public Policy Programme,” said Pranay Kotasthane, the head of geostrategy programme at Takshashila Institution and one of the instructors of the GCPP programme. The Graduate Certificate in Public Policy Programme (GCPP) is Takshashila’s flagship programme for imparting public policy education.

“It is my strong belief that our participants from AGT will find the course enriching, while this will also allow the Indian participants to learn about the challenges of policy making in a country such as Afghanistan,” Pranay added.

The three month course is primarily delivered as a series of live webinars along with tutorials, assignments and learning modules. It is preceded by a month long bridge course which will give an introduction to the political and economic landscape of India. The course aims to equip students with strong fundamentals of public policy and economic reasoning. The course is designed to prepare students for pursuing a career in public policy as analysts, public leaders and responsible citizens.

Photo: Mr Amrullah Saleh at a Takshashila event in Bangalore in December 2015.