This #10YearChallenge should make India feel ashamed

Over the past few days the #10YearChallenge meme on social media prompted people to post their 2009 selfies alongside their 2019 ones. Most people were interested in how they and other people had aged; while some posted snippets of how their life had changed from 10 years ago.

Now imagine if you did this for India.

Compare numbers and you’ll feel good. On an average, an Indian earned around $1250 in the year 2009. Today they earn around $2,000.

Every third Indian was living below the poverty line a decade ago. Today, that number is lower than one in five. In other words, the income of millions of Indians has substantially increased in the 10 years. The number of internet users in the country has grown 10 times, from around 50 million in 2009 to around 500 million.

So, the good is growing and the bad is slowing. There are important exceptions to this: new jobs are not growing and pollution is not slowing— but hey, going by the numbers alone, we’re looking pretty good in the #10YearChallenge.

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