The Takshashila PLA Insight: Issue no 29: PLA in Hong Kong; China’s Defence Diplomacy; PLA Hardware; Submarine Strategy; Security Review Commission Report; NIDS ; Jiefangjun Bao Report (解放军报); CMC Guideline

I. The Big Story: PLA in Hong Kong

The People’s Liberation Army soldiers were spotted cleaning-up the Hong Kong’s streets last week. Their presence raised concerns in China’s autonomous region. Social media feeds showed men in green and black uniforms with Chinese flags on their shoulders, “voluntarily clearing the streets.” Although several thousands of the PLA soldiers are located in Hong Kong’s PLA Garrison, they are rarely seen outside their barracks. 

Hong Kong government stated that it had not requested the Garrison’s assistance. The Chinese soldiers’ efforts to clear the roadblocks were “purely a voluntary community activity initiated by themselves.” The clean-up came after one of the most intense weeks of the anti-government protests.

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