The Takshashila PLA Insight: Issue no 20: China-India Faceoff: Pangong Tso; Military Big Data (军事大数据); US Targets Companies with Chinese Military Ties; Dawn of Expeditionary Force; China-Pakistan Air Exercises

The Big Story: China-India Faceoff: Pangong Tso  

Border tensions between China and India flared-up once again. A face-off between the Indian and Chinese soldiers began on the northern bank of the 134-km long Pangong Tso. The lake extends from Tibet to Ladakh with China controlling two-thirds of it. The Indian army troops were patrolling on the northern bank of the lake when the Chinese troops objected to their presence. A similar incident occurred two years ago in 2017, when tensions between the two sides escalated to kicking and punching, throwing stones, using sticks and rods against each other.

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