The Takshashila PLA Insight: Issue no 16: Hong Kong Saga, Taiwan and Median Line, Liaoning Aircraft, PLA to Miss Deadlines, China’s New Warfare: Biotech + AI

The Big Story: Hong Kong Saga Continues, Will China intervene?

The Hong Kong protests have entered its tenth week. The protesters started swarming the international airport last week, demanding greater democracy in Hong Kong. It soon turned ugly as hundreds of protesters turned on an “undercover police officer” and a reporter from the Global Times. This prompted the Hong Kong police to launch a rescue operation. The protesters then clashed with the riot police, who attempted to force their way into the airport with pepper sprays. The protesters have apologised for the airport violence saying, “after months of prolonged resistance, we are frightened, angry and exhausted. Some of us have become easily agitated and over-reacted last night.” The Hong Kong airport was cleared and re-opened on Wednesday on court orders.

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