The Takshashila Institution internship programme

The interns at the Takshashila Institution started work on their respective projects this week. The full-time programme, which provides individuals from diverse academic and professional backgrounds a first hand experience of working in public policy, is open for talented graduate and undergraduate students of any stream with a strong academic record.

The seven individuals, selected from the large pool of applicants, will operate out of the Takshashila Centre in Bangalore for the 8 week internship. The interns, who come from places as diverse as Dewas (Madhya Pradesh), New Delhi, Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu)and Bangalore (Karnataka), have academic qualifications ranging from a recent Bachelor of Engineering degree to a Masters in Public Policy from University of Oregon, USA.

The interns, who will earn a stipend at the successful conclusion of the programme, will function under different wings of the Takshashila Institution.

For more information, please contact us through this contact form.