The Takshashila Institution hosts the first contact workshop for the Post-Graduate Programme in Public Policy (PGP)

Bengaluru, 31 Jan. 20 to 2 Feb. 20

Students of The Takshashila Institution’s 4th cohort of the Post-Graduate Programme in Public Policy (PGP) attended a 3-day workshop at the Takshashila Institution. This was the first of three such workshops of the PGP programme which comprises discussion and activity-based learning sessions. The sessions were delivered by Takshashila’s faculty as well as eminent guest speakers.

Lectures covered key concepts like public policy analysis, economic reasoning, foreign affairs, democracy in the information age, and tech policy.

Over the next forty-eight weeks, students will build on their learning from this workshop to gain a deeper understanding and application of policy.

Conducted once in a year, the PGP draws students from different professional and educational backgrounds including information technology, journalism, law, finance, academia and government. Faculty comprises policy practitioners and academic experts who equip students with the skills needed to build the intellectual foundations of an India with global interests.

The Takshashila Institution is an independent centre for research and education in public policy.

Find out more about Takshashila’s public policy programmes here.