The Takshashila Institution hosts students from across India at a public policy workshop

Bengaluru, 14-16 February 2020

Seventy-five students of The Takshashila Institution’s 25th cohort of the Graduate Certificate in Public Policy (GCPP) programme attended a 3-day workshop at the Takshashila Institution. This was the first of two such workshops of the GCPP programme which comprises discussion and activity-based learning sessions. The sessions were delivered by Takshashila’s faculty as well as eminent guest speakers. Lectures covered key concepts like public policy analysis, economic reasoning and effective communication for public policy. It also gave students an insight into India’s defence and foreign affairs imperatives and the role of technology in public policy.

“The three-day long workshop at Takshashila helped me learn and unlearn all that I knew about the subject matter of public policy. I believe that this course plays a major role in providing me with the experience and exposure that I need to engage within the field of policy assessment and formulation with a focus on holistic development,” said Ifra Shams Ansari, a GCPP student and studies economics at Lady Shri Ram College For Women.

Over the next seven weeks, students will build on their learning from this workshop to gain a deeper understanding and application of policy through a specialisation in either Public Policy, Defence & Foreign Affairs or Technology & Policy.

Conducted three times in a year, the GCPP programme draws students from different professional and educational backgrounds including information technology, journalism, law, finance, academia and government. Faculty comprises policy practitioners and academic experts who equip students with the skills needed to build the intellectual foundations of an India with global interests.

The Takshashila Institution is an independent centre for research and education in public policy.
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