The Takshashila Institution hosts Bangalore Fellow Dr Kranti Saran

The Takshashila Institution hosted Dr Kranti Saran, Professor of Philosophy at Ashoka University on 29th and 30th May 2019. This was part of Takshashila Institution’s Bangalore Fellows Programme.

Professor Saran earned his doctorate at the Department of Philosophy, Harvard University and his main area of interest is the philosophy of perception.

Prof Saran gave Takshashila’s staff and alumni an insightful talk on how to write effectively, the application of philosophy in the socio-political context and the connect between body sensitivity and human nature.

Some of the topics he covered during his time at The Takshashila Institution included:

Application of philosophy to the political, economic and societal context. The discussion began with the comparison of philosophies in Europe and India. The central issue discussed was that the European Enlightenment brought about the rise of the concept of ‘individual’ as the main unit and how this concept was applied in the Indian context. Philosophies of Mill, Kant, Aristotle were discussed in this context.

Discussion of different theories of philosophy. Prof Saran elaborated on theories such as Fatalism, Scepticism and Karma. Fatalism implies that no action, irrespective of its morality is possible and Scepticism is when action is possible but not a moral one. On the other hand Karma is when both action as well as moral action is possible. The concept of justice versus charity was also discussed by the professor in the closing remarks.