The Takshashila Institution Conducts Online Workshops for the Specialisation Courses of the 26th Cohort of GCPP over Two Weekends

Takshashila conducted its second workshop for the 26th cohort of Graduate Programme in Public Policy (GCPP) from 3rd to 5th  July 2020.  The policy simulation exercise for the Public Policy specialization students was aimed at acquainting them with the nuances of policy formulation and analysis. The students were divided into four teams and were tasked to create a broad strategy to help the tourism sector come out of the doldrums it currently finds itself in. The four teams came up with diverse solutions some of which involved minor tweaking of the present policies to some which were a massive departure from the present. The debates and discussions that followed were intense and enriching. 

The following week, GCPP Technology and Policy (TP) and GCPP Defence and Foreign Affairs (DFA) conducted their second workshop from 10-12th July 2020.  The GCPP TP workshop had the students focusing on the policy implications of advancements in facial recognition technology. The students examined the impacts of regulation on a range of stakeholders, including civil society, industry and the government.

Whereas, the GCPP DFA workshop comprised intense experiential learning delivered through Exercise Amrut, Takshashila’s crisis simulation game. Designed to hone skills such as crisis management, negotiating and decision-making through role-playing, Exercise Amrut is a unique component of the GCPP (DFA) programme. Under the mentorship of Lt Gen (Dr) Prakash Menon, students deliberated upon complex challenges of international politics such as the military, strategic and economic implications of COVID-19 and the Indo-China conflict. The role-playing crisis simulation game provides valuable insights into the conduct of policy to achieve strategic objectives. There were also special talks by esteemed Ambassadors like Shyam Saran and Nirupama Rao. In addition, experts like Dr Carlyle Thayer and Lt Gen Narasimhan presented their views on the South China Sea and national security challenges in a post-COVID world.

Conducted three times in a year, the GCPP programme draws students from different professional and educational backgrounds including information technology, journalism, law, finance, academia and government. Students can choose one of three specialisations: Defence & Foreign Affairs, Public Policy and Technology & Policy. Faculty comprises policy practitioners and academic experts from across the world to equip students with the skills needed to build the intellectual foundations of an India with global interests.

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