The Takshashila Institution conducts an Author Roundtable for its upcoming book, “India and the New World Order: The Next Quarter Century”

The roundtable is part of Takshashila’s ongoing research into possible New World Orders, a project that has been in the works since late 2014 at Takshashila. The project began in the context of the US-Iran nuclear deal that took shape and Russia annexing Crimea. In 2018, with the US withdrawing from its role as the world’s primary superpower, the world order appears more volatile than ever. The New World Order project, therefore, aims to develop portfolios of actions that will hold India in good stead irrespective of new configurations of global power.

The Author Roundtable began with presentations from Takshashila’s Pranay Kotasthane and Anirudh Kanisetti. Authors, whose work is going to be included in the book, then presented their chapters, on a wide array of subjects. These included:

  • Shruti Rajagopalan of SUNY, who is writing on how India can use its population to become a global leader in network goods
  • Alok Prasanna Kumar of the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy on critical legal reforms
  • Krithi Karanth of National Geographic on a sustainable environment policy
  • Constantino Xavier of Brookings India on India as a regional power
  • Kunal Singh of Hindustan Times on Balancing India’s Security and its Quest for a Multipolar World
  • Shambhavi Naik of The Takshashila Institution on How can India Lead a Biotechnology Revolution
  • Akshay Alladi of Advent International on the small bets India can make in the context of the New World Order
  • Ameya Naik of Tata Sons on India and the Rules-Based International order
  • Surya Prakash BS of Daksh India on equitable taxation
  • Manoj Kewalramani of The Takshashila Institution on Managing the China relationship
The Roundtable ended with a few words from Pranay Kotasthane and the Director of Takshashila Insitution, Nitin Pai, who sketched out the future direction of the project. Takshashila’s presentation on New World Orders is available below.

Read the complete analysis here.