Meet the Alumni

Takshashila has enrolled over 200 students since 2012 into the Graduate Certificate in Public Policy programme. The students and alumni come from diverse backgrounds including civil service officers, public affairs and PR professionals, journalists, lawyers, non-profit professionals, researchers engineers, financial analysts. The alumni include people of all ages from the early 20s to the 60s, with much of the classroom being between 20 and 40 years of age, with some work experience.

On completion of the GCPP course, several alumni have gone beyond being more active and informed citizens to entering careers in public policy. Takshashila alumni have gone on to join the civil service, including the Indian police and revenue services. Employers of alumni include public affairs companies like Edelman India, think tanks like the Centre for Policy Research and newspapers like Mint. Several alumni have gone on to enroll in masters programmes in public policy or economics at Tufts, Georgetown, Carnegie Mellon, George Mason and other universities. Some have worked with prominent members of parliament and union ministers, as well as participating in the 2014 national election campaigns in India with multiple political parties, including as speechwriters, campaign managers and volunteers.