The Takshashila Future Deck

Why Future Deck?
The Takshashila Future Deck is a set of cards designed to spark conversations about emerging challenges and opportunities that are facing India and the world.

Creating the Deck
This project was inspired by a similar deck created by the Centre for Strategic Futures, Singapore. Each card in the deck is a potential driver of India’s future. The cards are grouped in the following sub-sets: Macroeconomic Shifts, Technology and Society, Citizenship and Governance, Future of Conflict and the Drivers of Growth.

Using the cards
The deck can be used in workshops to prioritise issues for further research, to examine the impact of the issues on public policy, and to craft scenario narratives about the future.

Participants can assume public roles and examine how individual cards could impact them, and also draw up new scenarios based on how two or more cards would affect each other.

The Takshashila Future Deck from TakshashilaInst

To know more or to get a set of your own, kindly use the Contact Us page. You are free to download the Future Deck soft copy from SlideShare.