The Certificate in Public Policy for International Students

Takshashila’s Certificate in Public Policy for International Students (CPPI) programme aims to equip dynamic students with knowledge, skills and exposure to public policy. The 14 week course provides a firm understanding of the fundamentals of public policy and governance and enable participants to apply them in their professional lives and political discourse. The programme is designed to prepare participants to better engage in the public arena, as analysts, public officials, leaders or indeed, as active citizens in their respective countries. It is primarily delivered through online distance learning and the course is designed to be taken from anywhere in the world, and while working.

Apply by April 15th for the April–July 2017 summer cohort of the CPPI.

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Outcomes that matter
The CPPI programme equips students with the knowledge of policy making process in India and elsewhere in the world, and the factors that influence it. Participants will acquire a range of skills that will help them to actively participate and influence governments and policy makers in formulating and implementing the right policies.

Learning from the best
The faculty is drawn from Takshashila’s global network of academic experts, practitioners and experienced professionals, making for an innovative, exciting and inspiring curriculum that both addresses the basics of the discipline as well as teaches skills that can be readily applied at the workplace.

Who should take this course?
The CPPI programme is inter-disciplinary in nature and is an applied programme. It is ideal for young bureaucrats who are forging their career. They can come any background including humanities, sciences, engineering, journalism, law, finance and others.

The first batch of CPPI for international students is set to begin in April 2017. The CPPI consists of a 14-week blended learning programme. The course will be conducted remotely using an online Learning Management System.

Programme Structure
To successfully complete the course a student must:

  1. Complete the two core modules
  2. Complete the elective
  3. Pass a composite final examination.

For the first cohort:
Application Deadline: 15 Apr 2017
Course commences: 29 Apr 2017


Rs. 30,000 plus local taxes


This course is also offered under the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Programme, an initiative of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

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The detailed course prospectus is given below.

CPPI Prospectus
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