The PLA Insight: The Sino-Indian Border: No Further Disengagement; it’s a Long-haul; South China Sea; Visa Fraud; Amphibious Vessels; Low-Intensity Conflict: Taiwan

I. The Big Story: The Sino-Indian Border Dispute: No Further Disengagement; it’s a Long-haul

Multiple reports have now indicated that there has been no further disengagement between China and India since the 4th Corps-commander level meeting on 14th July 2020. The complete disengagement has only taken place in two out of the four/five points, as the troops have stepped back from the Patrolling Point (PP) 14 in Galwan and PP 15. But, there are still about 50 troops at PP 17A on each side, reports The Indian Express. The Chinese troops are also occupying the ridgeline near finger four at Pangong Tso in the Eastern Ladakh sector. Though the troops have stepped back to Finger 5 area, they have not completely retreated to their permanent location in Sirijap. Thus from the available information, it is likely that the two sides have disengaged at Galwan, but the process is stalled at Pangong and Gogra-Hot Springs area. Tensions are also high at Depsang, which is tactically vital to India, though the two sides were not involved in an eye-ball to eye-ball stand-off here. 

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