The Repackaging of Hafiz Saeed

Certain sections in Pakistan reacted rather intriguingly to this Indian disapproval. If the US can speak to Taliban, why can’t India talk to Hafiz Saeed?

A more apt parallel would be how the US dealt with Osama bin Laden. Osama was guilty of masterminding the 9-11 attacks in New York while Saeed heads the organisation which wreaked havoc in Mumbai during 26/11 terror strikes. While 26/11 was the most spectacular terror strike unleashed on the Indian soil, LeT has been actively targeting Indians via terror strikes, particularly in Jammu and Kashmir, for over a decade now.

Moreover, Saeed and his ‘charity’ organisation JuD are banned under the UNSC resolution 1822 of December 2008. Pakistan government, which is so fond of remembering defunct, six decade old UN resolutions, has ignored the UNSC resolution on Hafiz Saeed and JuD.