The PLA Insight: The Sino-Indian Disengagement; China’s Next Overseas Base; Taiwan and the US Marines; Veterans Legislation; Newer Construction in the South China Sea

I. The Big Story: The Sino-Indian Border Disengagement?

The eight Corp Commander-level meeting between China and India took place on the Indian side of the Chushul-Moldo Border Personnel meeting point on November 6. The meeting which started at 9.30 am went up to 7 pm. Like the sixth and seventh Corp Commander-level meetings, this too was attended by diplomats from both sides. It appears that the border talks have thrown up a formula for disengagement on at least some points along the LAC in eastern Ladakh. Reportedly, the de-escalation proposal starts with moving back of frontline tanks and armoured vehicles along both sides, followed by troops to the status quo position of March 2020 after verification. China has reportedly claimed that it’s ready to 1) Move back to the Finger 8 on the northern bank of Pangong Tso 2) Adhere to the creation of a temporary no-patrol zone between finger 4 and 8. But it seeks status quo ante on the South Bank of the Pangong Tso, where India has carried out a “pre-emptive” operation on the night of August 30-31 to occupy Kailash ranges, from Pangong Tso to Rechin La. Notably, reports indicate no mention of patrolling rights to the approach roads leading to the Depsang plains in the Chinese proposal.

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