The PLA Insight: Sino-Pakistan Naval Exercise; China’s Military Recruitment Policy; Taiwan Contingencies; Doklam & 3 Warfare Strategy; PLARF, & more

I. The Big Story: Sino-Pakistan’s Sea Guardian-2020

Earlier this week, China and Pakistan completed their sixth naval exercise, titled Sea-Guardians-2020 in the northern Arabian Sea. A naval task group from China’s Western Theatre Command participated in the exercise. The Chinese fleet included destroyers, frigates, supply ships, submarine rescue boats, two carrier helicopters, and more than 60 marines. Pakistan’s participating forces included two F22 P/ F21 frigates, two fast missile attack boats, one fixed-wing anti-submarine patrol aircraft, two carrier-borne helicopters, and more than 60 special operations team members. The exercise was divided into two stages- shore training and joint maritime performance. Formation movement, air defence and antimissile, maritime interception and surveillance, joint anti-submarine, and live ammunition firing in the waters of the North Arabian Sea were certain areas of joint training between the two navies.

“The drill will eventually become the basis for the two navies to test and improve their technical and tactical capabilities, maintain regional marine security, learn from each other and enhance the level of cooperation, and synergy,” said Pakistan Navy. The Chinese side maintained that it has nothing to do with the situation in the region. “The exercise wasn’t targeted at any third party,” said Chinese Navy.

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