The PLA Insight: Issue no 30: Xi’s Military Reforms; China-Pakistan, and India; Corruption in PLA; PLA Drones; Vertical Launch Missile System; 解放军报, and more

I. The Big Story: Xi’s Military Reforms

The Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday called for efforts to cultivate a new type of military personnel who are competent, professional and possess both integrity and ability. He attended the opening ceremony of the training of Presidents of the military schools and academies at the National Defence University (NDU). His speech highlighted the importance of training, education and reforms within the PLA.

“The way to build a strong army is to win people. We must fully implement the military education policy of the new era, comprehensively implement the strategy of strengthening the army by talents, comprehensively deepen the reform and innovation of military academies, and place talent training in a more prominent position,” said Xi.

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