The Gold Standard | The silent loser

UK agrees to ‘print’ more money. The title of this blog refers to this nation.

HSBC Flash PMI for China in June underscores the implausibility of China external trade data for May that showed exports jumping sharply in the month to the US and Europe. In the meantime, my friends in ‘Forensic Asia’ continue to pick rather big holes in Chinese corporate balance-sheets.

Three ‘poignant’ or ‘interesting’ charts on Spain in ‘Washington Post’. Courtesy, link from Reuters.

The latest US FOMC decision conveys the impression that the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee is both divided and confused.

Of course, stock markets practice ‘Hear, speak and see no evil’ rather well. Or, if we believe that they are still genuine stock markets in the conventiona lsense.

Half way through ‘Margin Call’ on the flight from Singapore to London. Not bad. One of the characters has a striking physical resemblance to Jamie Dimon :-) Kevin Spacey looks slightly heavy but is classy, as usual.

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