The Gold Standard | Steve Jobs

I did not think that I would do a blog post on Steve Jobs simply because I did not think I knew him well enough to do a post. Quite imperceptibly though, most of the gadgets in my house are now Apple-made. That apart, I have not followed technology that closely and I am a late adopter. Thanks to Jayakrishnan Nair (JK), fellow INI blogger, I happened to read (for the most part, that is) the very long interview that Steve Jobs had given to Playboy magazine in 1985.

Reading it a full quarter-century and longer later, it makes for incredibly insightful reading. He comes across as a true visionary and largely, a well-grounded human being, even at that age.

His comment about thinking about Western rational intellectual trait after returning from India is a rather interesting remark. Many follow-up questions arise in our heads on reading that.

Further, many people think that the Sixties was a lost decade for the US. After reading this, I wonder whether the US would have become a hardware and software innovation leader but for the spirit of the Sixties?

So, what do we know what is the ideal preparation for the world – world of business, world of life, world of being a husband, father, friend, sibling, etc.?

We know very very little.

It is extremely long but it is well worth the time spent. You can read the full text of that interview here. Strangely, Singapore Media Development Authority has blocked access to Playboy site!

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