‘The problem with the Euro is not the absence of a fiscal union but its non-convertibility into Gold.’ (Read here)

Investors sell stocks in Macau Gaming operators’ stocks, fearing loss of revenue, from a slowing Chinese economy. They should know something.

Democracy fails to deliver.

Wolfgang Muenchau says that he has never seen the European leaders so scared as now. At least, they got that one right.

Economic Cycle Research Institute’s Achuthan Lakshman says that the US economy is entering into a recession. Last year, he did not, even when ECRI Growth Indicator cratered. I thought he was going to be proved wrong. I was and he was not. So, I take him seriously now.

A friend alerted me two weeks ago of the launch of ‘India Ink’ – a India-centric blog at NYT. Here is the link.

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