The Gold Standard | Say NO to…

Speak up. Speak out. Tell the world what’s on your mind.

Because you are an individual. With your own thoughts, your own experience, your own point of view.

So don’t say yes when you don’t agree. Don’t not your head when you don’t understand. Don’t go with the flow. That’s what all of us at MF Global believe in.

So when you come to us for advice on investments, we’ll tell you our point of view on what works for you. If there’s something we don’t know, we’ll tell you that, too.

The world has had enough of yes men. It’s time to use our heads and say what we feel.

So now, when it comes to investments, get the right perspective.

An advt. by MF Global Sify Securities in ‘Commodity Insights’ Year book 2010 of MCX (p. 37)

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