Transiting in Dubai on way to Kuwait. The news-report in New York Times on how America is inching towards self-sufficiency in oil is well written and worth a read. I have used that as one of the pillars for my MINT column coming up on Tuesday.

March continues to set records as December, January and February did in the US, for temperatures. See reports here and here.

The research outfit, Macroeconomic Advisors, run by the former Vice-Chairman of the Federal Reserve estimates that around 72, 000 jobs were due to the good weather in February.

It might be worthwhile picking up Shirakawa’s speech in Washington, D.C. His remarks are well made. Briefly covered here in Bloomberg.

We should also duly take note of what Jon Corzine did with customer accounts at MF Global.

Either the Federal Reserve Chairman or the Bloomberg reporter or both might be failed (‘F’ Grade) for this.

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