The Gold Standard | Husk Power, Sangakkara and other links

Just came across this article nearly six months after it was published. Shame I had not seen it earlier. Well, never too late. Heartwarming. Incidentally, the blog that carries stories such as this is also worthwhile to get to know.

Just got to know that the former Sri Lankan cricket captain Kumar Sangakkara had delivered an impressive and heartfelt speech on what ails cricket in Sri Lanka and how cricket should be used to unify the nation. Here are the links. We are waiting for a senior Indian cricketer to write or speak about what ails Indian cricket.

I like this interview cum Op-ed by Rasheeda Bhagat in ‘Business Line’ on the importance of character. Too often, modellers forget to account for morals. Incentives are not the answer for anything and everything. ‘Incentives’ sounds erudite and elegant. How do we bring this about? I guess that is where leadership counts. We are searching for it globally these days and definitely in India.

On the 20th anniversary of the launch of India’s economic reforms launched in 1991, this piece by a BJP MP was good to read. I hope BJD is practising some of it in Orissa.

Ms. Tavleen Singh writes on what makes people like Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev. I think she has a point there.

Madhu Kishwar’s piece on minimum wages for domestic servants – another pet idea of the National Advisory Council in India – is a MUST READ.

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