The Gold Standard | Europe’s Yudhistra

My weekly piece for MINT today was that Germany would be dragged into Europe. The original title was ‘Germany to merge into Europe’. They changed it to a safer ‘End-game in Europe’. I still believe that Germany would not want to be seen as having fractured Europe one more time. I am reminded of an episode in Mahabharat.

Sage Vyas meets with Yudhistra and warns him that there would be a big war on account of his actions and millions would die. Yudhistra is devastated. But, he made up his mind. He concluded that war would happen only if he refused others. So, he decided that he would agree to whatever others asked him to do. That is why when he was invited to a game of dice with Sakuni (although the invitation came from Duryodhan) with Sakuni’s own dice (and not a neutral one), Yudhistra agreed. He did not protest. He could not avert war still.

Germany is going to be Europe’s Yudhistra. That is what I had tried to say in today’s MINT column, notwithstanding this excellent, thoughtful article in NYT.

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