The Gold Standard | Economist-21 Jan.2012

Caught up with the ‘Economist’ newspaper of the said date. Found several articles interesting:

(1) One is on the arrangement of mirrors that capture and help to convert sunlight into energy. Read the article. I doubt if ‘Economist’ understands the implications of its own sub-header but many ‘pagans’ would do.

(2) The article on Mangolia (‘Minegolia’) was well written too. The statement by the CEO of mining company is so quintessential. Reminds one of the glee that many robber-barons and the so-called voyagers like Columbus must have felt on discovering bounties to be expropriated or seized:

remarks made in the past by Robert Friedland, Ivanhoe’s boss, about “the cash machine we intend to build”, and how nice it was to have so few people around and “no NGOs”.

(3)  I do not think we should be surprised by how executives time their  share buybacks. Insider selling or buying is a poor signal?

(4) I wonder whether this article on corporate shareholder anonymity is an indirect response to the Indian Supreme Court’s verdict on the Vodafone tax demand by Indian Income-Tax authorities. Methinks they were on a stronger wicket vs. Vodafone.

(5) Did not know that there is a ‘Occupy London’ movement analogous to ‘Occupy Wall Street’. Ravin Thambapillai’s letter on ‘the City’ is a good one.

(6) Nearly 40% of America’s top 1% is made up by medical practitioners, lawyers and people from finance. That seems to be up from just over 30% in 1979. Difficult to reject the argument that they could be taxed more.

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