The Gold Standard | Cambodia

A bit of travel here and there – to Dubai and Kuwait in end-March to early-April and then a holiday with kids to Cambodia – meant that time at the computer was dedicated to catching up with essential obligations. No time to blog. Not that the world missed it one bit. It is more like I missed the opportunity to unburden my thoughts.

On Cambodia, my personal opinions are as follows:

(a) If it were a corporation, merger with a stronger company would be a prudent option

(b) Circulation of US dollars as the primary transaction currency does not serve the purpose of boosting domestic productivity but boosts domestic prices.

(c) The country is not ready or equipped to receive the flood of capital that capitalists from the West are ‘threatening’ to send its way. On the last day of the visit to Cambodia, saw a story in Phnom Pehn Post that the Asian Development Bank has highlighted inequality and skill shortages as risks for Cambodian growth. Perhaps, that can be said for many nations today.

But, specifically with respect to Cambodia, based on my five days there, I found the observations to be quite relevant.

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