Surely, the Australian cricket team has taught a few lessons to the Indian team on how to cope with sustained fast bowling or so, we would like to believe. But, that is an education that Indian batsmen did not come looking for, when they set foot on Australia earlier this summer Down Under.

On a different plane, it appears that fewer Indians are coming to Australia in search of higher education and knowledge. This statement by the Reserve Bank of Australia in its latest quarterly ‘Statement of Monetary Policy’ (Feb. 2012) caught my eye:

Education exports, especially to India, have fallen particularly sharply, due to both the high exchange rate, which has made education in Australia more expensive, and the tightening of access to student visas. [Page 42 of SoMP. The full report is here]

One suspects that Indians might have a different view of it. They might think that the small matter of racially motivated murderous attacks might have had some thing to do with the demand for student visas, in the first place.

Mindsets take time to change, if they do at all.

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