The Gold Standard | Any tear left to shed?

More than a year ago, I wrote a piece in MINT asking the readers to save their tears for India. Then, I wrote a blog post on April 30th in 2011 that the tear ducts were exhausted. Hope there is something left in the ducts. Another opportunity has arisen to shed more tears now. It is not that the Railways would sink tomorrow or that it might be a bad thing if it did or that the poor passengers should not be spared. There are many other ways of providing relief to the poor. Many of us have cried ourselves hoarse on subsidising the poor. It is not that there is no case for doing so. It is about how much, how, for how long and for whom. It is about pandering to the present generation versus remembering one’s obligation to future generations of Indians. Why is India cursed with its politicians? In May 2011, I wrote that it was difficult to redeem the UPA government. It has gone way beyond redemption now.

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