The Compound Eye – 10th Edition Recap!

A fortnightly newsletter keeping an eye on science policy and news from around the world.

DNA Technology (Use and Application) Regulation Bill, 2018 (Edition 1):

The DNA Bill 2018 aimed to regulate laboratories using  DNA fingerprinting technology and creation of a DNA sequence databank to expedite justice in select judicial matters.

Update: The Bill lapsed with the dissolution of the previous Lok Sabha. Now the reselected Lok Sabha will have to re-initiate the process to pass the Bill. (Read more)

The Fate of He Jiankui, Lulu and Nana (Edition 2):

He Jiankui announced the birth of genetically modified babies Lulu and Nana causing outrage amongst scientists worldwide.

Update: He Jiankui has disappeared from public view since November 2018, reportedly being arrested and held in prison in China. A UC Berkeley study has suggested that the genetic modification he made in Lulu and Nana may lead to shortening of their life span. (Read more)

Fellowship hike: Why blame the icing when the cake is the problem? (Edition 2)

Government announced hikes of 24% in the fellowships of researchers.

Update: Months after the announcement, only 10 IITs have reported to have disbursed the hiked fellowship. A crowdsourced list suggests that most institutes are yet to pay their researchers the hiked fellowships.

That is the only update I found: guess science policy in India needs a little less talking and little more action! (Read more)

Meanwhile, redefining the normal

It is normal to have mutated cells: A study in Science analysed tissue from 488 healthy subjects and about 95 percent had patches of mutated cells in at least one of the 29 tissues examined, including kidney, muscle and liver (Read more)