The Cogitatum

Takshashila successfully concluded the first Cogitatum in September with the discussants being awarded certificates for their participation. Cogitatum is an four-week online discussion on a specific policy issue that is in the news cycle. The first Cogitatum comprised four online sessions.

The first Cogitatum was on Understanding Xi Jinping’s China: An Indian Perspective. The faculty included Lt Gen (Retd) Prakash Menon, Dr Alka Acharya, Mr Anand Arni (Director of the Intelligence Reform Project, The Takshashila Institution), Mr Pranay Kotasthane and Mr Nitin Pai.

The Cogitatum commenced on August 12 and the concluding webinar was on August 27.

Over 70 participants joined the Cogitatum as discussants. The discussants were from a diverse background encompassing Army/Navy/Air Force officials, engineers, journalists, entrepreneurs, and researchers. The age group was just as varied, ranging from 19-year olds to people in their sixties.

Over the course of five webinars, the discussants were taken through the basics of International Relations and fundamentals of China’s worldview, Changes in China’s domestic politics, China’s new approach to its foreign relations, China’s concept of power projection, and a final Capstone webinar.