The Broad Mind | The Holes in India’s Anti-terror Armor

To head off the next attack, New Delhi will need bold reforms to its internal-security setup.

Takshashila Fellow for National Security, Sushant K. Singh in the Wall Street Journal:

But let us not exaggerate the gains that have been made. While the capacity to contain and repulse an attack has improved, the ability to pre-empt one has not been enhanced. Some of this involves specific reforms. It has taken 30 months for India’s cabinet to give an “in-principle approval” in June for establishing the National Grid or Natgrid, a data agency that will link 21 databases across intelligence and enforcement agencies. In the months ahead, New Delhi should help Natgrid get off the ground quickly as well as establish the proposed National Counter Terrorism Centre which has a broad mandate to deal with all kinds of terrorist violence.

More broadly, internal security needs political dedication and direction. India’s Home Ministry now performs a number of functions that have no direct relation to internal security. It has divisions dealing with freedom fighters, relations between New Delhi and the states, state-level legislation, human rights and disaster management. It is doing too much and hence doing it badly.[WSJ]

Read the complete piece at the Wall Street Journal.

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