The Broad Mind | Independence Day Roundup

On our blogs today

In keeping with the tradition on The Acorn, Nitin Pai posts three thoughts for quiet contemplation: how distrusting fellow Indians and institutions is costing us; why a welfare state is not suited to India; and why parochialism based on identity is our big problem.

Here on this blog, Saurabh Chandra has an optimistic take on how real lives of real people have changed for the better over the last decade.

Priya Ravichandran calls for independent thinking, informed criticism and introspective analysis should be the way forward, on her blog Aequalis: “67 years of Independent India needs 67 million and more independent thinkers and not 67 million and more retweets of one thought.”

Over at The Transition State, Pavan Srinath advocates a culture of boldness.

Finally, on No Man’s Land, Sarah Farooqui asks “What does Independence Day mean?”

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