The Broad Mind | Daily Notes: Arun Jaitley at The Heritage Foundation

In a speech last week at the Heritage Foundation, a US-based conservative think-tank (video), Arun Jaitley addressed India’s foreign policy priorities and India-US relations going forward. Talking about the India-US Nuclear Agreement that alomost brought down the UPA government, he all but confirmed what has been suspected for long – that the BJP’s opposition to the nuclear deal was merely an opportunistic stand to destabilize the UPA government. ‘Now it’s a done deal, said Jaitley while he pitched US firms to invest in India’s nuclear industry. Ironic, given that the BJP’s opposition almost derailed the landmark agreement. Nevertheless, this is an interesting speech outlining the foreign policy priorities of the BJP and it is good to see that there exists a broad, bi-partisan consensus in India on the future direction of India’s foreign policy, especially with regard to India’s vital partnership with the United States.

– Vishnu Narasimhan

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