The Broad Mind | Can you read the A356 on the wall Yeddi?

First Law Of Tragicomedies:In any work that has both drama and comedy, the drama will rise proportionally with the level of tension in the story. The comedy will do the reverse.”

Just when everyone assumed that lust of power had finally settled in favour of the incumbent executive and keenly awaited the deliverance of much-hyped development, the late evening special from Raj Bhavana, office-cum-residence of the Karnataka governor, has probably scripted a climax for the grand nataka being staged since Mr. Yediyurappa, or Yeddi, wept his way to power almost three years ago.

While the message to Delhi has not been made public, the spirit behind the sealed envelope to Her Excellency is barely concealable. It is difficult to believe that the man who has had long innings in the union law ministry could recommend something clearly unconstitutional as claimed by the ruling party. The Supreme Court has judged that the Karnataka BJP is no conscience keeper of the constitution. The October’s trust vote was a farce and democracy was murdered then. If a government resorts to unconstitutional methods to retain power, it cannot cry foul when the opposition returns the favour.

Instead of flying to Delhi with party MLAs — mostly ragtag bunch diametrically opposed to what the party claims that it stands for –- Yeddi should have asked for dissolution of the assembly and sought fresh mandate. Such a move would have not only restored the faith in the constitution but also neutralized the tattered congress and smothered the JD(s). The Karnataka BJP has amassed more than the Somali pirates. Immoral but not illegal.

Make no mistake, as the recent by-election results show, Yeddi is becoming, if not already, a formidable political force in the Karnataka’s caste-based political equation. It’s Yeddi not the BJP. The dominant Veerashiva Lingayat community is completely behind him. Instead of playing on strengths, he has played into the hands of opposition.

Do not expect any quick resolution by Her Excellency as She is in no apparent hurry. The State BJP is already a divided house. In the theater of absurd, the drama will be in a state of suspended animation for some time to come. Expect the law and order situation to get worse and compel Her to invoke the Article 356. And that is too easy to engineer. Tomorrow, Cong (I) plans to choke all highways leading to my town and not to be left behind, the BJP cadre will probably block all the main roads in the city. That’s the only infinite loop the Indian Silicon Valley will ever know of.

Bengaluru-based Aruna Urs is a Programme Manager at the Takshashila Institution and occasionally tweets @arunaurs

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