The Broad Mind | All India Policy Writing Competition

An All India Policy Writing Competition with INR 5 lakhs on offer

Launch date: 15 November 2012

Last date for submission of policies: 28 February 2013

The Freedom Team of India is pleased to announce an All India Policy Writing Competition with Rs.5 lakhs in prize money. The first prize for the best policy is Rs.1 lakh, with total prize money of Rs.5 lakhs.

Individuals or teams can participate. Only Indian citizens (20 years or older) are eligible for prizes. There is no limit on prizes a person can win.

Please download the competition documents. Please also register on the FTI Competition Google Group. You can ask questions on FTI’s Public Forum.

1) Download competition documents

Competition Rules (PDF)
Policy Template (Word)
Colour poster (A4) for notice boards (PDF)
Black and White Poster (A4) for notice boards (PDF)

2) Register to get regular updates

Please join the FTI Policy Competition Google Group to register. FTI will use this group to send updates.

3) Ask FTI for help

Please ask questions about the competition on FTI’s Public Forum. FTI may selectively respond on the Google group.

Who has contributed to the prize money?

Only Indian citizens are permitted (under the Indian law) to contribute to FTI. Click here for the list of prize money donors. If you wish to contribute funds for FTI activities, details are provided here. You can also support FTI in many other ways.

If you are not an Indian citizen but wish to assist FTI, you can consider the options listed here.

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