Nitin Pai featured in a piece, on starting Takshashila

The Bangalore Mirror features Takshashila’s Nitin Pai, on how he started the Takshashila Institution and for making a case for and working towards better governance.

The Doing Thinker

“An independent, non-partisan public charitable trust, Takshashila was founded by Pai when he returned to Bangalore in 2009, and aims to become one of the most credible voices in India’s public policy discourse. Already in place is its 12-week Graduate Certificate in Public Policy (GCPP) programme that wants to equip dynamic Indians with knowledge, skills and exposure to public policy. Its Roundtable Conclaves held across the country have helped engage civil society in political and public discourse.

It’s a simple matter, explains Pai, of equipping people with the right knowledge and expertise and connecting them to state agencies to ensure better governance. “A discordance between society, the economy and governance crept in after the 1990s. We will become a middle-income country over the next decade. It’s imperative that its structures, processes and ideas of governance keep pace. Closing the governance gap requires talented individuals to be equipped with the right ideas, competencies and networks,” says Pai, and that’s who Takshashila hopes to train through GCPP.”