The B.CLIP civic leadership programme featured in The Telegraph

The B.CLIP civic leadership programme featured in The TelegraphThe piece also quotes Takshashila’s Pavan Srinath. The piece is about how the young Indians are entering politics and how politics is now seen as an attractive career option in the country.

“In fact, today there are also organised courses to help people hone politics. Subbarao, for instance, has joined a nine-month Civic Leadership Incubator Programme created by the Bangalore Political Action Committee (BPac) in partnership with public policy think-tank, The Takshashila Institution. The programme, launched last year, seeks to groom students for the 2015 municipal elections in Bangalore.

“Integrity is essential in political life but competence in tackling public challenges is required too. There is a need for training and conceptual learning in addition to what only experience can teach,” maintains Pavan Srinath, manager, policy research, The Takshashila Institution.” [The Telegraph]