Raghava Krishna

I worked in a creative industry – Game Product Development on Mobile Platforms. My world was filled with conversations around Design, Art, Software Systems, Business Strategy and Execution. After a decade and half building a reasonably successful career, I was at cross-roads; I had to choose between doubling down on my corporate career and go full steam or make a dash and switch my focus towards a career that allowed to me play a direct role in Nation-Building. While the vision was strong, it would’ve been naïve to jump into it without understanding how governance works in India – The PGP course offered by Takshashila was the anchor I was looking for.

To create an impact through your work in Public Policy, you need a nuanced understanding of the intersection between Geo-Politics and Strategy, Political Structures/Philosophies and Delivery Systems, Economics, Technology and Public Finances with concrete skills to express ideas in an influential manner and the PGP course equips you with that repertoire. The course structure enabled me to do this while working and I eventually managed to switch into Public Policy as my main area of work. As with any other move in life, there are risks and trade-off’s and they might be different for each individual but for people looking to make this switch and seeking a way to train themselves and build the knowledge and discipline, I would recommend joining the PGP course.