Takshashila’s work featured in The Australian

Rowan Callick, The Asia Pacific Editor of The Australian newspaper has written about The Takshashila Institution in his latest article. Callick visited the Takshashila Institution on 28th May, 2015 as a guest of the Australian High Commission.

In an article titled India following China on the ladder of prosperity, Callick writes about new institutions that represent a new, dynamic India.

Regarding The Takshashila Institution, he has the following to say:

The Takshashila Institution in Bangalore, a cosmopolitan, hi-tech hub in southern India, is a classic example. Launched six years ago, the think tank is run by a bright team of women and men largely in their 20s and 30s who lead a national graduate certificate course in public policy, a civic leadership incubator course for politicians and research programs largely focused on international issues. They have not linked with any university, as their protocols can tie down such fleet-of-foot outfits. Despite earlier generations’ focus on august qualifications, emerging leaders are more keen on the practical skills to get on with the job — so their courses are flooded with applicants.

The full piece can be accessed here.