Pavan Srinath quoted on the Indian elections

Takshashila’s Pavan Srinath quoted in International Business Times in a piece on the Indian Elections.

Indian Elections: On Busiest Day Of 2014 Polling Calendar, Voters Express Hope And Skepticism

“Pavan Srinath, head of policy research at The Takshashila Institution, a Bangalore-based think tank, told IBTimes: “The single-point agenda for the next union government is unleashing economic growth. Returning to 8 percent growth and reviving economic activity in India will also render many of the other issues less salient. To achieve this, the next government will have to usher in a second generation of liberalization and Reform 2.0. Urban concerns such as jobs, inflation, infrastructure and public services have become more important. The new government will have to start addressing these on a priority basis.”